Online platform for member-based communities

Genkgo provides technology on one integrated platform: an ecosystem.

Applications in our ecosystem are connected and sharing the same resources. Our users can effectively manage their activities across applications while keeping privacy-sensitive data in one secure place.

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  1. Complete

    One online environment for all the applications you need. Communities are no longer required to pay for multiple software solutions at multiple providers.
  2. Connected

    Applications are connected to the member data. That way, in every part of the software, there is a direct application for this data. No more copypasta from app to app.
  3. Privacy friendly

    Sensitive personal data is kept in one place. User data is not shared with 3rd parties. Our customers and their users remain the sole owner of their data.
  4. Sustainably hosted

    Communities using our software are part of a green and energy-saving value chain of certified partners.
  5. Fairly priced

    There are no limits for the number of members, users, send messages, shipped items, etc. Communities pay a fixed price per application/month.