International Marketing Internship

Published on: 16/01/2018
Type of function: Internship
Language of the position: Dutch
Location of position: Amsterdam
Duration: 1-3 months (can be extended)
Hours per week: 24-32
Education level: Bachelor’s degree
Master’s student

Vacancy description

You will be researching the existence of communities outside The Netherlands, to what extent they have demand for software and to to what extent they are using software. This research will be the base of the company's decision which foreign markets should be focused on.

The research will be combined with assisting the Dutch (online) marketing of the company for our product VerenigingenWeb. You will be working with our AdWords campaigns, watching our conversion rate, following leads, making contracts and give webinars to potential clients.


You will receive a competitive internshipfee. Assistance will be given by our head sales for lead following and head marketing for AdWords campaigns and conversion rate. Assistance for the research will be given by both the head sales and head marketing (both owners of the company).


Are you interested in software, do you have any experience with associations and you have a good amount of persuasiveness? Then you are at the right place.